Living on the edge of chaos

2 11 2009


There is no doubting that Tokyo is a fascinating Metropolis, and this is something that I definately want to touch on, or gentle caress in this blog. However I live in much quieter surroundings.

I am currently nicely placed (like ham in a sandwich) between the busy station of Nishi Funabashi and the quieter Shimousa-Nakayama. The area is quiet, yet pleasently residential, where small Japanese houses rub concrete shoulders with 3 story appartment blocks, supermarkets and convenience stores, the twin railway lines of the Tozai and Sobu variety and a mid-sized area of land that supports greenhouses. There are some nice restaurants (and a good variety too), and for some reason 5 or 6 dry cleaners all with 5 minutes walk of each other. There is also a famous temple in Shimousa, dating back to 1622, which I haven’t been to yet, but have pencilled it on my things to do list.

I work at AEON in Motoyawata which is on the Sobu line and 1 stop from Shimousa. It takes me about 10 minutes door-to-door depending on if I have my bicycle, or about 15 minutes ride.

The above link, is to my actual school. It is in Japanese, but you should be able to translate it with the Google browser.