Japanese lesson 1

29 10 2009

So, I thought, that I would add some easy Japanese lessons to the blog to make the readers of this adventure, a little more au-fait with the language. I am still a student myself, but I am happy to impart and share my knowledge with you.

Lesson 1


Noun wa noun desu.

The particle WA is the topic marker and literally means “as for”. It follows the first noun in the sentence singling it out as the “topic”  of the sentence.

Watashi wa Justin desu – I am Justin

The sentence is concluded with desu. Desu has a similar us as ” be”.

Noun wa Noun desu ka ?

By adding the particle KA, is makes the sentence into a question.

Anata wa Justin desu ka ? – Are you Justin ?


Ohayo Gozaimasu – Good Morning , Konnichi wa – Good Day/Hello, Konban-wa – Good Evening.

Watashi wa (name) desu – I am (name), Anata-wa (name) desu – You are (name).

Ichi – 1, Ni – 2, San – 3, Yon – 4, Go – 5.

Arrigato – Thanks, Arrigato Gozaimasu – Thank you, Gomenasai – Sorry, O kudasai – Please

Hajimemashte – How do you do. Yoroshiku Onegaishimashu – Pleased to meet you.