Who’s the Daddy ?

4 11 2009


So, another reason I wanted to start this blog, is because of the above photograph. On March 3rd 2010, I will be a father. It’s a massive step in life to be a parent, and one I don’t know if I am ready for. I feel ready, but feeling something and actually being able to do something are completely different.

Currently, Rie is 23 weeks and has a nice round baby-belly that makes her glow like an angel. It’s an amazing feeling to feel the baby punch and kick through her skin. The miracle of life itself strikes you like a feather hammer at moments like that.

The day she told me, will live with me forever. It wasn’t a planned pregnancy, but we are grateful and delighted so I will never view it as a “mistake”. How can life, the creation of a human being ever be a mistake ? I remember, I wasn’t surprised or shocked. Just calm. I realised that she must have been extremely nervous and worried about telling me. I think my reaction was what she needed, and she has since told me so. I told her that I would be there for her whatever she decided to do. And I always will be.

The first trimester, as many women probably know was awful. She was sick as a dog most days, which left me feeling a little useless. I tried cleaning, cooking and being as supportive as possible, but it was tough on both of us. Yet we looked after each other, with me doing most of the looking after. Come the second trimester, the old Rie came back, and seemed more invigorated and relieved. She seems to have enjoyed this part of her pregnancy, although back pain has started to creep in, as she is only a small thing.

As for the baby itself, we still don’t know the sex, but may find out on Saturday (November 7th). The baby is very “genki” (Japanese word for energetic/happy), and seems to have a regular “wake-up and kick pattern”; 8:45, 12:30, 8:00 and 10:45. We are hoping for a healthy baby, and so far all seems to be going well.