A Smile is like warm Sunshine

19 05 2010

Mae chan is such a beautiful child. I know all parents, probably say this, but she seems to have the cuteness factor of both Western and Japanese genes. As she approaches 3 months, it’s amazing that time has moved so fast for us, but she is still so young.

When thing that gives both, myself and my wife, unbridled joy is when Mae actually smiles at you. This isn’t the pursing and slight raising of the mouth and lips of the first month or so, when she was passing wind. This is a full on, eyes wide open smile full of happiness and love. She smiles not only with her mouth but with her eyes, and its a wonderful thing to behold.


Blinded by the light…

17 05 2010

So, first off an apology for being away for so long from this blog. I had hoped to keep this running consistently this time, but life took over. So many things have happened to me in such a short space of time that it’s hard to make the time to sit down, digest them, filter out all the garbage then put them into a coherent blog post.

So, I am now a father, and have been since February 27th 2010. It’s an amazing experience that has left me speechless, overjoyed, intruigued, flabbergasted, tired, happy, stressed and full of love. Mae chan is a beautiful baby. I love her and my wife with all my heart and feel complete in a way I never thought possible.

We’ve moved to a bigger place in Myoden, and we feel like a proper family. Rie is a brilliant mother, organised, calm and loving. Mae chan is a lucky girl, to have such a great mother and I am lucky to be married to her. She is the yin to my yang, the sunshine to my clouds, the white to my black.

Well, I hope to keep this blog updated more often in the future….Life is great.